Company Profile
T&M GROUP is a well-established company operating in the production and distribution of food packaging materials and disposable tableware.
The group comprises a number of companies, each of which, appropriately certified, contributes in its own specific way to creating a high-quality structure capable of meeting the complex and varied demands of modern distribution facilities thanks to a speedy, personalised and expertly run service handling a vast range of products.
The group’s strong point is its ability to handle the entire industrial process, from the production to the distribution of a huge range of items, not to mention the complex activity of sourcing high-quality raw materials.
Indeed, it is thanks to the synergy created by the valuable and efficient contribution made by every one of the Group’s constituent companies that T&M is able to:
• Ensure the production of a vast range of products;
• Guarantee the completeness of the product offer, also through imports from foreign markets;
• Ensure the distribution of the products throughout Italy and Europe thanks to its own logistics platform;
• Provide an expert and truly personalised service that, with the assistance of a dedicated contact person, meets the demands of any modern distribution facility;
• Ensure that a high level of attention is paid to quality control in production activities, to the complex upgrading of technologies and production processes, and to the continuous changes taking place in the field of regulations.
A lifelong history
In 1946, the Masanotti family begins to sell packaging material for food use.
The enthusiasm, sacrificial spirit, mutual admiration and trust between two close friends, Michele and Giuliano, lead to the founding of T&M in 1996.
The new millennium sees the company establishing an avid policy of investment resulting in the opening of its very first production plant in Cassano delle Murge in 1998.
The company’s particular openness to technological modernisation coupled with its forward-thinking and flexible entrepreneurial approach and a growing awareness of the need to be able to provide a complete and comprehensive production process that could meet the wide-ranging and continuous demands of the market, led to the setting up in 2011 of a new production hub inside the company devoted to implementing new production scenarios as part of a huge and ongoing investment project.