Biodegradable Shopping Bags

T&M Group, a leading company in the food packaging sector since 1996, has always had a keen eye on technological modernisation processes and innovative investments. The company boasts the most important production hub in southern Italy, and is vastly experienced in the extrusion, sealing and printing of biodegradable and plastic material.
The production plant situated in Cassano delle Murge covers approximately 15,000 sq m. Annual production is in the region of 120,000 tonnes, split into:
• biodegradable shopping bags
• biodegradable and plastic urban waste sacks
• clear pouches
• food wrap sheets
The production cycle takes place with the utmost and unconditional respect for the environment and in accordance with strict reference standards. A high-quality product is guaranteed thanks to the constant care taken in all the production stages, from selecting the raw materials (exclusively Novamont Mater-Bi biodegradable materials for the production of shopping bags), to the widespread distribution of the products, in addition to careful control of all the intermediate processing operations.

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